The Apocryphon of Daniel is a textual fragment that was found in cave #4 of the Dead Sea (or Judean desert) caves. It is commonly referred to as the “Son of God document”, “Aramaic Apocalypse”, or “Pseudo-Daniel.” This copy was written in Aramaic and is believed to have been written around the first century BCE.

Many claim that the concept that the Messiah was the Son of God among the Jewish nation was merely a Christian invention. It is widely claimed that the Jewish people never believed that the Messiah was the Son of God. Since uncovering a number of Dead Sea scrolls which precede the appearing of the Messiah, however, that opinion has been challenged and changing. Several instances in the Scriptures from Jewish leaders shows that Messiah and the Son of God were one in the same individual. “And the high priest answered and said unto him, I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the Messiah, the Son of God.” “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” “The kings of the earth set themselves against God and against His Messiah… I will declare the decree, Jehovah hath said, “Ye are My Son. This day have I begotten you.” “What is His name, and what is His Son’s name, if thou canst tell?” Now the Dead Sea scrolls are adding weight to this testimony in abundance, also revealing that the Jewish nation had lost, corrupted, or altogether changed their documents and ideas regarding the divine Sonship of Messiah. Yet the Lord preserved these ancient documents for the time such as this and to call the Jewish people to repentance for their treason against the Son of God.

The fragment has two columns but only the one on the left contains complete sentences. The damage the right column cuts right through the text.


  1. [   ] rested upon him, he fell befor the throne
  2. [… k]ing, rage is coming to the world, and your years
  3. […]. . . your vision, all of it is about to come unto the world.
  4. [… mi]ghty [signs], distress is coming uopn the land
  5. […]  great slaughter in the provinces
  6. […] king of Assyria [ and E]gypt
  7. […] he will rule over the land
  8. […] will do and all will serve
  9. [… gr]eat will be called and he will be designated by his name.


  1.     “He will be called the Son of God, and they will call him the son of the Most High. Like the sparks
  2.     that you saw, so will their kingdom be; they will rule several year[s] over
  3.     the earth and crush everything; a people will crush another people, and one land another land.
  4.     Until the people of God arises and makes everyone rest from the sword.
  5.     His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all His paths in truth. He will jud[ge]
  6.     the earth in truth and all will make peace. The sword will cease from the earth,
  7.     and all the land will pay homage. The great God is his strength,
  8.     He will wage war for him, he will place the peoples in his hand and
  9.     Cast them all away before him. His rule will be an eternal rule and all the abysses”


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