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Welcome to the Loud Cry of the Third Angel Ministries page. We're glad you've come to visit us. Here you can find out a little more about the focus of our ministry, our burden to work for God, teach the Bible, and to help others to do the same. Below, you can explore more about our ministry.

About the

Teaching the Bible

This ministry upholds the 66 books contained in the Bible as Authoritative, the Word of God as communicated through apostles and prophets. It is the foundation upon which all doctrines are to be laid to the test, and it is the only creed which we ought to submit ourselves to. It is to be honored above man-made interpretations of the various ecumenical councils and denominations. While we believe that the Holy Spirit may communicate through apostles and prophets even to the present day the Word of God, the Spirit of God will never contradict itself. Therefore, the true word of God coming from any human vessel must speak according to the Holy Scriptures that proceeded it. This ministry, in both seminar presentation and articles, makes extensive use of the Scripture as the basis for all of it's beliefs. If ever a historical quote or scholarly commentary, a dream or a vision is to be referenced, it is only to be used as a secondary witness to a well-established position from the Bible.

Unveiling Prophecy

Prophecy is given in sign language, and contains many symbols and Biblical references which can only be understood in the light of other Scriptures. No line of prophecy is of any private interpretation, and we believe much of the prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes in amazing ways that most don't realize! Most of the world is interpreting prophecy independent of the rest of the Bible, and this is leading to many strange ideas. We want the Scriptures to be it's own key to unlock the precious prophetic precepts, and let history testify to the Word of the living God.

Reaching the World

One all-important theme for us in getting the everlasting gospel and the present truth to the whole world. We believe that every member of the body of Christ has been given a divine mission, and it's our desire to help everyone find their place that God has designed them for. We offer training and ideas on how to help you do this. We also are in the process of developing resources for those who have a burden to reach their communities. If you have a burden to work for God but you do not know where to start or how to begin, first we suggest you pray to the Lord, then find out more by pressing the "Volunteer" button below.

Prophecy Seminars

Bible Prophecy is fulfilling at a remarkable pace as never before. The threefold prophetic warning of Revelation 14 is to be given "to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." We hold Bible Prophecy seminars around the world at schools, local venues, churches, fellowships, etc.
Contact us if you are interested in hosting a Bible prophecy seminar, or featuring one of our ministers as a speaker/teacher in your area.

Online Media Publishing

Back in the dark ages, the Guttenburg printing press was revolutionary. It boosted the publishing work, but not only this. The first book published fresh from the press was the Bible. This allowed the light of the Bible, through the reformation, to get into the hands of the people in a native tongue. Now, printing presses are beginning to become a thing of the past with online media publishing. Whether it is Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or Wordpress, our ministry believes the work of proclaiming the gospel throughout all the earth in these last days will be largely fulfilled through the internet. Given that the internet may access more people in the simple click of a button than a million printed pages could do over years of time, our ministry believes in the online media publishing work. For this reason, we utilize social media as a platform of proclaiming the everlasting gospel in all the earth.

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