“With the views of the law and the Sabbath we once held … and which are still held by perhaps the great majority of the most earnest Christians, we confess that we could not answer Adventists. What is more, neither before or since have I heard or read what would conclusively answer an Adventist in his Scriptural contention that the Seventh day is the Sabbath (Ex. 20:10). It is not ‘one day in seven’ as some put it, but ‘the seventh day according to the commandment.’ ” Words of Truth and Grace, p. 281.

“I do not believe that the Lord’s day came in the room of the Jewish Sabbath, or that the Sabbath was changed from the seventh to the first day, for this plain reason, where there is no testimony, there can be no faith. Now there is no testimony in all the oracles of heaven that the Sabbath is changed, or that the Lord’s Day came in the room of it.” Alexander Campbell, in The Reporter, October 8, 1921

“There is no direct Scriptural authority for designating the first day ‘the Lord’s Day.’” Dr D.H. Lucas, Christian Oracle, January, 1890

“It has reversed the fourth commandment by doing away with the Sabbath of God’s Word, and instituting Sunday as a holiday.” – Dr. N. Summerbell, History of the Christian Church, Third Edition, p. 415

“There is no direct scriptural authority for designating the first day the Lord’s day.” – Dr. D. H. Lucas, Christian Oracle, Jan. 23, 1890.

“The first day of the week is commonly called the Sabbath. This is a mistake. The Sabbath of the Bible was the day just preceding the first day of the week. The first day of the week is never called the Sabbath anywhere in the entire Scriptures. It is also an error to talk about the change of the Sabbath. There never was any change of the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. There is not in any place in the Bible any intimation of such a change.” First-Day Observance, pp. 17, 19.

“Some question whether having church services on Sunday violates God’s Law. They wonder where the tradition of Sunday church services originated…Some have suggested it is possible believers began meeting on Sunday in honor of the Lord’s resurrection. Others point to it later becoming official when Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine. But no new command dictated that day.” Kenneth Copeland Response to “Why do Christians worship on Sunday instead of on the Sabbath?”


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