Introducing The Points System

LC3A Ministries offers a point system to obtain points which can be redeemed for different items in our Redemption Center. There are many ways to obtain points for online activity on our ministry site. Obtaining points is a unique way of encouraging us to share the last message of mercy with a perishing world while reaping rewards that will help us to continue doing so in our communities!

How To Obtain Points

Here are some of the ways, after signing up with us, that you will be able to obtain points.

  • Send Us Your Testimony- Obtain 10 points for sending us your testimony via e-mail. After the testimony is shared, we will add 10 points to your account.
  • Bible School- Obtain 3 points for every newly released Bible school lesson you go through (Coming soon).
  • Daily Quiz- Obtain 5 points for every quiz that you complete. Subject to availability.
  • Read an Article- 1 Point Per Article
  • Share An Article Via Social Media- 2 Points
  • If you like an article, like it- 1 Point
  • Comment or Response to a Comment- 1 Point
  • Donate- 5 Points
  • Reward Points for Buying Store Items
  • First Purchase- 5 Points
  • Refer-a-friend for Bi-monthly Newsletters- 3 Points
  • Being Present At An Event Where Our Ministry is Present- Gift of 10 Points

Points Doubled For Those Who Obtain Disciple Badge, Watchman Badge, Pillar of Support Badge, and Loyalty Badge (Certain requirements must be met for unlocking these badges)